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AWD not really working.

So today my Havoc doesn't seems to always engage the AWD. Sometimes it will but often it won't. I've checked the connectors for water and they all seem dry on the inside.

I'm also not a fan of the AWD When the rear slips. I'd prefer to have 4x4 constantly engaged when I need it. Has anybody found a way to jump a connector so the front diff is always engaged when in AWD mode?
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Might need to be reflashed the ecm and cluster that is and was a issue after lack of power and screen blanking out after awd switch activation. Wiring in manual schematic not alway dead on I found some issues when mass air flow code was Being diagnosed ,Beings thereís a display that indicates all wheel drive on the cluster jumping it may give you some cluster issues if you look wrong wires up to going off a faulty schematic.
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You can't do anything electronically to make the AWD stay engaged all the time. All the circuit does is arm the Hilliard unit front differential to kick in when the rear tires spin. The actual locking in part is mechanical in the differential itself.

When you push the AWD button the rpm will have to drop below a certain level, probably around 3000 rpm, before the ECU will arm the Hilliard unit. Once it is armed electrically it stays armed until it is switched out of AWD with the switch.
When you push the AWD button just let off the gas for a couple of seconds and let the motor slow down and then you should be good to go. If you are doing this and it still doesn't lock in the problem could be a broken or cracked roller cage in the front differential or a few other things.
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The AWD on these can stay turned on all the time, but the front wheels only kick in IF the rear wheels lose traction. If the rear wheels donít lose traction, then the front ones wonít kick in. Mine has worked flawlessly so far. I was worried about it at first, it not any longer. Actually pretty impressed.
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I do not believe there is any mechanical workaround for the AWD configuration that Textron has used. I think they may have decided on this 'smart' system to prevent owners from damaging their machines by running at high speeds in AWD.
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You are correct, there is no workaround either electrical or mechanical. What you have is all there is and it works really well for most people.
The is the same AWD system that you find on John Deere and Polaris vehicles. Not the same exact parts but the same operational system by Hilliard.
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While browsing the Hilliard drive train catalog pdf, I spoted their "tentioned belt" cvt clutching setup. From the description, it appears to function the same as the Yamaha Ultramatic cvt clutches. It has the constantly engaged belt, the internal centrivical clutch, and the one-way bearing like the Yamaha setups, and behaves the same way during engine braking.

I wonder why Textron isn't using that Hilliard CVT clutch in the Havoc X. Engine braking at idle speed is one of the best features on Yamaha machines like Wolverine X2. Maybe Yamaha has a patent or an exclusive rights agreement preventing other atv/utv mfg's from using it. With practice, a person can keep the cvt engaged during decents with a bit of careful throttle manipulation. Constant engine braking at ide sure makes things easier and safer for less experienced drivers however....
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