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Bent intake valve

I have a havoc x with 163kms on it and itís been a nightmare first got harness replaced and now has a bent intake valve, Has anyone come across this problem ?
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Never heard of this on this motor. As a engine machinist I am not sure if this is a interference motor or not but usually a bent valve occurs when the camshaft(s) get out of time. I.E. broken cam chains jumped chains due to tensioner failure ect. Some rare cases are stuck valves in tight guides from improper machine work. Also common is broken valve springs, Something has happened and you need to start by pulling the valve cover and verifying where your timing is at and looking at the valve springs. Have you done a leakdown test and confirmed bent valve? A valve that has no clearance will also hold open and give symptoms of bent valve. Check your valve clearance.
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I would agree. How do you know it has a bent valve? Did the dealer tell you that? If so, have they explained the root cause? Valves don't get bent for "no reason", especially on a machine with 160km (which is about 100 miles I think).

I have over 170 miles on my 2018 (I just got it earlier this year) and so far it's been great. I've only had one issue so far (which I haven't figured out why yet), which was the cooling fan not coming on when I was out riding in the woods one day. Luckily, the dash flashes at you to get your attention, and I noticed right away the coolant temp was high and the fan wasn't running, so I shut 'er down and started checking stuff. I think maybe the fan has a dead spot in the armature or it was just a bad connection at either the fan relay or the fan connector (I unplugged both and plugged them back in), because everything else checked out ok - fuses, relay, etc., and after I checked everything and started it back up, the fan came on. It hasn't happened since. Still though, I may add an auxiliary fan with a manual switch as backup, just in case (since I'm already planning to add a secondary GEP PDM for all my accessories). It'll cost less than $100, so cheap insurance if you ask me.
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Don t know your hours. Recommended 25 hour breakin then do a reset valves
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