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Why the HAVOC

Hey everyone I’m new here and thinking of purchasing a Havoc BUT... With all the issues I’m seeing on this forum frames beds electrical lack of dealer support etc etc...I’m wondering if I should buy or run to a different brand? What say you. Are you happy with your decision purchasing the Havoc or because of issues wish you would’ve gone with a different brand and which one? Like everyone else don’t want to make an expensive mistake. Thank you 😊
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I'm really happy with my havoc. I truly believe it's the best machine in the sport/utility category. I think the havoc separates itself because it really is a sport machine that can work too. The havoc offers some great quality parts too such as team clutches. Most of the issues the havoc had were recalls that got addressed. The way I look at it is all manufacturers have their issues. There have been lots of catastrophic failures on many rzrs. Most of the issues with the havoc are simple things and nothing that will leave you broke down out on the trail.
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I still very happy and impressed with mine. I bought my HavoCat when they came out after test driving every other comparable rig, the Havoc was just “better”. I certainly wish that I could have gotten it at the price you can now, but still.....

As stated by others, most issues were either recalls that should have been dealt with, or just annoying ones that aren’t catastrophic. What most folks don’t like is the lack of “aftermarket modification” stuff like portals and lift kits. I bought the Havoc because it already had basically what I needed and the extended cab is great. I could buy a different machine, but then I’d have to spend $2-3k (suspension, lift, etc) more to get it to ride as good as the Havoc does stock.

The default seats in the Havoc kinda suck but there are several options for either DIY modifications to make them better, or replacing them all together. (and they do get better after putting some miles on them). If the rig is brand new, follow the break-in instructions to the letter. I know how tempting it is to just jump in and hit the throttle, but trust me; it makes a difference. The stock tires are almost worthless in sludge-mud and will become slicks, but they are great on almost everything else. They are not DOT certified though and they cause a “wobble type vibration” at speeds over 50-55mph because they aren’t balanced. If you want to go fast, change the tires.

Roofs, radios, mud flares/flaps, windshields and back glass are all available for these rigs and you will want most of those. Lol. Anything else is just icing on the cake. Good luck
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Thanks for the perspective. Good info.

Happy Trails Rick
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I love my havoc and I also believe it's the best sport utility buggy. The biggest complaint I have is textron didnt adjust the front a arms properly another biggest tire you can put on is a true 28". I know for most people that's not a big deal but I would like to run 30s just because of the trails I ride. But again that's a personal preference.and as far as the seats go, I put a square washer under the frame in the front by the two mounting screws to give it more of a lean back. And you can move the seat foward on the frame by unscrewing it and drilling new mounting holes
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Can you show a pic of the square washers under the seat frame? Thanks!
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